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                      Our Does pictures

           Myotonic Goats (Fainting)                               Nigerian Dwarf Milking Goats

Georgia Reg. Fainting Goat Doe. Sir BTR Cassius, Dam RNJ Fancy.  Just had a nice buck 2/26/11 see for sale

Lucy Fainting Doe Sir: RNJ Chester, Dam Apache LandingSweet Dreams.  Just had 2 nice Bucklings This girl is a premier fainter and expect the same from the bucks. SOLD

This Black Beauty is B1919 Woody Creek Farm Black Flame DKM sire Nationa Champion PGCH A2608 Woody Creek Farm WLS Hotrod DKM, dam A2613 Woody Creek Farm Dinasty DKM


 Show Record, 1st and 3rd in AR,

This friendly little goat is CLW Farms Peachy, sire Tiny Tales Caper, dam Vansell Farm Love Peaches NCream, sire's Kizzi's Kuties Diego VG Can't wait to see how she produces milk and kids. For Sale !25.00

Nigerian Dwarf just lost her ears one winter. Happy Kids Hollow Carmen, sire AGS Priairie Wood Chan Cho, dam AGS Emmetts Acres Sugar Baby.She does have a nice straight line, but heavy now because she is do to kid anytime. 1st freshing Check out this udder and she didn't want me to take a pic.

JVJ IFL Martha's Arrainment, sire Flat Rocks Gem I Feel Lucky, Dam JVJ MTO Martha Stewart 2*D E, My milking teacher and she has beautiful babies! 

Gave triplets, fifth freshing!

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