Just Kidding Myotonic and Nigerian Dwarf Goats

To reserve a buck or doe until weaned a non-refundable deposit of $50. must be received 5 days after asking us to reserve the goat, if not received by then the goat will be available for purchase. See pic and prices below. Thanks for looking :) We don't dishorn, though we do buy some that way.

non reg goat 75.00

Nigerian Blue eyes Doeling 3/29/13  Dam: Sugar Cane polled/blue eyes Sire: Yoshi for sale $325  breeding below SOLD


Nigerian Doeling 3/29/14 Dam: Peachy Sire: Yoshi for sale $75 disbudded  not reg.

Fainting Goat non Reg. Doeling $75 each not reg.  black and white on hold 

Nigerian Blue eyes Buckling 3/29/13  100.00 non registered

Nigerian Doeling 3/29/14 Dam Peachy  not registered $75  disbudded breeding below


Nygerian Dwarf   Breeding for March 2013 Does and Buckling pictured above 

Sire: Happy Kids Hollow Yoshi (lots of color here!) out of Happy Kids Hollow Mariano Riv, Blf SamSarA, Rosasharn SS Aspen *S/ Simply Pleasure Macy's, Ceasar's Villa CBS Cowpoke ++*SE

Breed to:

Dam:Emmons Just Kidding Sugar Cane blue eyes  out of AGS Lost Valley TM Ray *S/ AGS JVJ IFL Martha's Arraignment

Dam AGS CLW Farms Peachy out of AGS Tiny Tailes Casper, CH AGS Kizzi's Kuties Diego/AGS Vansell Farm Lovepeachesncream

Will post pic as soon as they arrive. Will take deposits $50 to hold, also verbal word on reservations!

Myotonic Buckling 3/17/13 Dam: Flame Sire: Gunner 

$400  See Breeding Below

Myotonic Doeling 3/17 Dam: Flame Sire: Gunner  

$400  See Breeding Below Reserved

 MYOTONIC Goats:          Breeding for 2013

 Sire: Woody Creek Farm Smokin Gun DKM out of Woody Creek Farm Gun Powder /Woody Creek Farm Whispering Wind, National Champion PGCH Woody Creek Farm WLS Hotrod DKM

Breed to:

Dam: Woody Creek Farm Black Flame DKM out of National Champion PGCH Woody Creek Farm WLS Hotrod DKM/ Woddy Creek Farm Dinasty DKM

These should produce nice muscle and confirmation, great meat goats. SHOW QUALITY

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